Help Your Child Get The Best Student Accommodation 24th October 2018

If your child’s away at university, you want to make sure they get the best student house they can. But, it’s best to leave the choice up to them.

How To Talk To Your Child About Careers 17th October 2018

Even from a young age, it’s important for children to begin thinking about their careers and the world of work. Parents are a huge part of this careers discussion, and as parents, you can have a huge impact alongside the careers work that will occur in schools.

Understanding Your Child’s Visa Application 10th October 2018

If your child is moving to the UK to study, it’s vital that you understand the visa application process. Mistakes in the visa process may mean that your child misses their chance to study, so you’ll need to get it right.

5 Steps to Helping Your Child Research Careers 19th September 2018

Going to university has lots of benefits. It can help your child become more independent, develop social skills, expand their knowledge and develop advanced reasoning skills. But it’s also important that attending university helps your child build the career that they want. This means that it’s vital for your child to research careers before making decisions about whether to go to university and which courses to apply for.

3 Easy Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Child at University 17th September 2018

When your child is off to university for the first time, it can be an emotional time. While you want to let them have their freedom, you also want to stay involved and keep up with them. It can be a difficult transitional time for both you and your child, but if you keep calm and keep the lines of communication open, it can really help to make things easier.

How to Help your Children Financially at University: The Ultimate Guide to Fees, Grants and Budgets 17th July 2018

University can be expensive. It’s important to know exactly what your options are in terms of funding and to make sure you know how much it’s going to cost. Our guide to fees, grants and budgets has all the information you’ll need on loans and how they’re repaid, as well as scholarships and bursaries, and more.

How to Help Your Child Make the Most of a University Open Day 28th March 2018

Open days are when universities open their doors to prospective students to give them a taste of what it’s like to live and study there. A university open day will usually involve accommodation and facility tours, talks about courses and the opportunity to meet current students and staff.

6 Ways to Help Your Child Find the Best University Courses 1st March 2018

Deciding which university to go to and what to study is a big decision. If your child is currently researching campuses and courses then it’s natural to want to do as much as you can to help them.