Centigrade has received some great testimonials from happy students, parents and schools who have used it to help them make the right decision on Higher Education.

Mr Jones

Michael has now taken the test and it was very helpful in affirming and clarifying what options would be good for him – zoology is now a much clearer option than biological sciences and for the first time he said he was excited about what he might be able to do at University – just hearing that made paying for the test worthwhile!

A London School

I think that all the students have benefitted greatly from the information. For some, it has confirmed their thinking and for many others it has introduced them to a host of new ideas to explore.

Mrs Parker

Centigrade has opened her eyes to degree options and careers that Emily had not considered, including bio and chem tech, and has helped her with her A level choices.

A West Midlands School

Centigrade offer a great way to enhance any careers programme. In depth, but easily accessible they give students a clear indication of how their abilities, interests and aptitudes can lead to wide ranging careers and university courses. Highly recommended.